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Treatment Powder for Printing Film - 1 Kg - DTF

Treatment Powder for Printing Film - 1 Kg - DTF

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TREATMENT POWDER FOR PRINTING FILM - 1KG - DTFPolyamide designed to adhere inks to fabrics using the DTF technique. Creates a thin adhesive layer on the wet ink deposited on the support film.Fine polyamide particles that harden when heated.Powder adhesive with excellent integration into the fabric.Sales units: 1 kg bag.High resistance to washing.The Excess powder that does not adhere can be reused. CONSIDER The use of white polyamide is more appropriate for prints on light colors since if it is applied on dark backgrounds it will show on the edges of the design. For the same reason, black polyamide is more recommended for black or dark garments. Black adhesive powder prevents color migration on dark textiles, creating a blocking effect. In this way, it ensures a better result with more vivid colors.


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