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Sublimable Polos Round Neck White Advertising

Sublimable Polos Round Neck White Advertising

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Men's Subliambles Polos Jersey Spum 30 to 1 Tubular advertising, in 2 options pack of 10 units and pack of 100 unitsOur high economy polo shirt mainly designed for advertising campaigns, it is sold in pack of 100 and 10 units The size is standard M - Select the quantity you need 1090018601 Advertising Jersey spun polo shirt Pack of 100 pieces. 1090018602 Advertising spun Jersey polo shirt Pack of 10 pieces. The referential images are shown with a TIMG print but our polo shirts are totally white, this mark on the image is only to distinguish our images and that they are not used in a bad way. STANDARD MEASUREMENT SIZE M 52*68 CM


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