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White DTF UV Plotter 2 heads xp600 - drag bed for FILM AB - CYMKW

White DTF UV Plotter 2 heads xp600 - drag bed for FILM AB - CYMKW

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UV DTF PLOTTER WHITE 2 HEADS XP600 - DRAG BED FOR AB FILM - CYMKWThe DTF plotter uses UV digital printing, simple process, no plate making, no waste discharge, good gloss, high and low temperature resistance (low temperature can exceed zero, high temperature 100 degrees does not change color and does not crack) It is resistant to ultraviolet light, it is built with a new technology, such as the use of two A and B films together, without heating or stirring dust, it can be used for 3D effects and can be applied to various products with special shapes: all kinds of shoes and hats, clothing accessories, suitcases, glass art, labels for tea packaging boxes, handicrafts, wood, plastics, sports equipment, helmets, etc. . Decorative transfer vinyl for products. The process is simple, no plate making, no waste, one print, the printed crystal mark is bright in color, discharge good gloss, and 3D effects can be produced on demand, convenient transfer, energy saving , product protection. environment and spectacular final result.TECHNICAL DETAILS:Printing color: CMYK-WWResolution: 1440 dpiPrinting width: 30 cm (12")Printing speed: 6 passes 3 m2/hour - 8 passes 1.5 m2/hourImage format: BMP, TIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF Ink: UV ink DTF machine has built-in laminator, no need to buy extra laminator anymore Cleaning system: Auto cleaning system with anti-clogging flash spray and moisturizing function RIP software: Maintop/Photoprint Printing environment : Temperature 18-28 Degrees, Humidity 50-75 Rh Voltage: 220v Printer Size: 95*46*40MM Weight: 60KG Package Size: 105*55*50 CM


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