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Printing plotter T3208S oven and printer 4 i3200

Printing plotter T3208S oven and printer 4 i3200

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Direct sublimation printing machine: print on the fabric and transfer heat onto it in one complete pass Fabric supply system: rubber roller clamp feed fabric. no indentation. no wrinkles, no deviation; Tension system: double-end high-precision gear and rack drive to keep the fabric smooth, stable and precise. Positioning system: high-precision magnetic weft. It is stain resistant, long lasting. free maintenance. high precision.Patent System 1: Automatic raising and lowering system to collect residual ink. one button to control up and down to change the cloth, then no dyed cloth anymore. Meanwhile. Intelligent negative splash ink pumping system reduces waste ink flying away. Patent System 2: Fabric guide roll with up and down system inside the color curing device to control curing time precisely. fabric will not burn when the machine stops. Color curing is uniform. It is easy to load fabric. Also. The curing chamber is sealed, no smoke leakage. 3 Patent system: Fume extraction system, completely smoke-free processing inside, no odor, first patent in Chinese market. Printer model: T3308S Print head: Eps i3200A Number of Print head: 4 basic configuration, 6 and 8 optional Max print width: 3300mm Max media width: 3300mm Ink type: Sublimation ink Ink color: CYMK Resolution: 360*1200 DPI // 360*1800 DPI // 720 *1200 DPIPrinting mode: Unidirectional and BidirectionalData transfer: Gigabit port (ethernet)Printing speed: 4 heads - Production mode 140 m2/h - Quality mode 95 m2/h - Precision mode 70 m2/hPrinting speed: 6 heads - Production mode 170 m2/h - Quality mode 115 m2/h - Precision mode 85 m2/h Printing speed: 8 heads - Production mode 210 m2/h - Quality mode 140 m2/h - Precision mode 105 m2/h Cleaning system: cleaning by negative pressure ink extraction Output software: Photoprint Printing format: BITMAP, TIF, EPS, PDF Quark Express Input voltage: 220v 10A for printer Input voltage: 220v 32A for Oven Required work environment: Temperature 20-28 humidity 40-70% rh Machine weight: 1500 kg Machine size: 5050 mm Length / 1150 mm width / 1930 mm height Applicable materials: Polyester fabric.
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