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Printing plotter STMJET 16x1BS- Eco 1.6 meters Eco

Printing plotter STMJET 16x1BS- Eco 1.6 meters Eco

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At TIMG we have found a new printing plotter factory that we want to introduce to you. STMJET has been working in the Chinese market for 18 years and offers a fast and efficient manufacturing system. At this moment, it has the most economical plotter models that we can offer you. If you have other products that you want TIMG to import for you, do not hesitate to contact us Here are the characteristics of the equipment Main characteristics:1. Hoson motherboard and printing, Taiwan imported power control system, stable and efficient2. All station and carriage beam made of aluminum alloy, rail silent, precise and durable.3. Teflon platform, heavy-duty pressure roller, ensures precise feeding movement.4. Bulk ink supply system, infrared heating fan, smooth printing and quick drying.5. RIP Maintop 6.0 software, brighter color, faster speed and more features. (Maintop is a basic control software, it does not allow ICC installations or massive color management, for this it will require a software upgrade) 6. Adjustable head height, anti-collision of the carriage and many humanized designs. As a conclusion and important notes Require as everything ambient temperature and humidity controlled printing plotter (15-25°C 60% humidity, UPS 220v 50-60hz) Exclusive computer for its control, only that it works for the printing machine If you want to add ICC or color control to these equipment we recommend select other models or buy the package with Photoprint. And don't forget an operator for the team. Printing speed With Xp600 up to 15 meters per hour in 3 steps, with 2 heads it doubles to 30 meters in 3 steps With I3200 up to 18 square meters per hour, with 2 heads approx 45 square meters per hour in 2 steps. Head resolution xp600 2160*1080 DPI maximum, in 8 steps with max gradient Head resolution i3200 3200*2400 DPI Maximum, in 8 steps with gradient max Models to Choose 6201010079Printing plotter STMJET 16x1BS- Eco 1.6 meters Eco - Graphics and banner Xp60062010100 79aPlotter printing plotter STMJET 19x1BS- Eco 1.9 meters Eco - Graphics and banner Xp6006201010080Printing plotter STMJET 16x2BS- Eco 1.6 meters Eco - Graphics and banner 2 Xp6006201010080aPrinting plotter STMJET 19x2BS- Eco 1.9 meters Eco - Graphics and banner 2 Xp60 0


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