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DTF A3 Red Line printing plotter

DTF A3 Red Line printing plotter

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RED LINE DTF A3 PRINTING PLOTTER - 2 XP600 HEADS + OVEN DTF A3 plotter Red Line model with two Epson XP600 heads, with dust agitator machine and oven. DTF Plotter (Direct To Film) with A3/30cm wide printing width, is a semi-industrial DTF plotter built especially for DTF. What is the DTF printing system and why is it useful for us? The DTF is a new white ink printing system that allows printing on different types of textile supports (cotton, polyester, non-woven) both in white and colours, both light and dark (and even rigid). Its main advantage is that it is more affordable than the current techniques of direct printing on textiles DTG, screen printing or transfer with white toner. The technique consists of printing with a plotter or DTF printer with special highly flexible inks on a PET Film on which Later we add polyamide adhesive powder that will be fixed to its surface after a curing process. The image printed in mirror mode on the film is later printed on the textile with a thermal press. It is a perfect technique for all those who are interested in introducing the customization of t-shirts and any other textile (cushions, masks, bags, sweatshirts... ) in your business of cotton, polyester or mix of any color making a very low investment. If you already practice the sublimation of items, DTF is a perfect complementary technique to get more economic performance from your business. Advantages: For all types of fabric Speed fast printing Easy to operate How to use: Use the printer to print the image on the PET film roll Apply the hot melt powder to the vibrating powder machine Use the heat press machine to heat the T-shirt with the PET Flim at 150 degrees for 8 seconds . Easy! CHARACTERISTICS: Model: 30X2 Print head: Epson XP600 Number of heads: 2 Maximum print width: A3/30cm Printer size (mm): 900L x 470A x 500A Printer weight: 49Kg Oven weight: 110KgSoftware: Default Maintop 6.1 // Photoprint choiceLanguages: English Printing material: PET Film Image format: TIFF/EPS/PDFInk type: Pigment Ink (CMYK +W)Printing speed: 6 passes: 3m2/h - 8 passes: 1.5 m2/h Printing precision: 360x2400 dpi, 360x3600 dpi, 720x2400 dpi. 6 passes - 8 passes. Environmental Condition: Temperature: 15 ~ 30 ºC - Humidity 50% ~ 70% Cleaning System: Automatic cleaning and nozzle protection by software, white ink circulatory system Power Supply: 220V - 110V / 50HZ - 60HZ - 10A Power: Printer: 350W - Oven: 2400W Ironing temperature: 160 - 170ºC Three heating sections: Preheater, print bed heater, rear heater 30ºC - 65ºC*** IMPORTANT NOTICE: DTF ovens emit particulate matter or smoke, the amount of smoke varies according to working levels and ambient temperature, but there is always evaporation of liquids and output of particulate matter when ink and film come into contact with the hot area of ​​the oven. If the place or room where you install this equipment does not accept particulate material or must add to this product Air Purifiers, the use of Air Purifiers is recommended with all DTF equipment****** IMPORTANT: These equipments use a DTF textile ink, which dries as a plastic similar to plastisol, due to This to use the equipment at the end of using it requires a daily cleaning of surfaces so that this ink does not remain on the objects of the printer that over time can prevent its correct operation, temperature and humidity control is required, since the liquid ink and its physical properties will be affected by temperature, this maintenance is key to the duration of the equipment and its productivity ***


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