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Printing plotter 60 cm UV On table Black line

Printing plotter 60 cm UV On table Black line

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PRINTING PLOTTER 60cm UV 60X2 UV printing plotter of 60 cm width with 2 Epson Xp600 heads is a high-speed equipment for faster printing, it is ideal for graphics and photography. Specialized for printing graphic arts and outdoor posters on canvas, banners or stickers, photographic paper and all kinds of papers since UV printing can print practically any type of paper and is highly resistant to degradation by sunlight. This The new equipment is designed for economy and saving space, it does not include pedestals and must be placed on a table. It is our most economical equipment of 2023. CHARACTERISTICS: Model: 60X2-UV Number of heads: 2 Head model: Epson Xp600 or Upgrade to i3200E Head life : 6 months Approx. - Approximately 12 months for i3200 Resolution: 1440 DPI Connection: Via RJ45, requires network port or adapter Color: CMYK - W // This configuration has one head for colors and the other for white Color version 2: CYMK - WV - this configuration includes White (W) and Varnish (V) in the secondary head Printing width: 600 cm Speed ​​with Xp600: 10 m2/hour in 3 passes, 8 m2/hour in 4 passes, 6 m2/hour in 6 passes, 2 m2/hour in 8 passes Speed ​​with i3200: 20 m2/hour in 3 passes, 16 m2/hour in 4 passes, 12 m2/hour in 6 passes, 4 m2/hour in 8 passesPrint resolution per pass: 360x540 dpi in 3 passes // 360x720 dpi in 4 passes // 360x1080 dpi in 6 steps // 360x1440 dpi in 8 steps Printing resolution in i3200E: 360x1200 dpi in 2 steps // 360x1800 dpi in 3 steps // 360x2400 DPI in 4 steps // 360x3200 dpi in 6 steps Ink type: UV Control system : Hoson Printing System Printing Media: PVC Fabrics, Adhesives, Vinyls, PP, etc... Ripper Software: Flexiprint - PrinEXP Image Format: TIFF - EPS - PDF Operating System: Windows 7 -Windows 10 64 bits Language: English Power: 110V/220V - 50HZ/60HZ - 10A Working temperature: 15~28°50%~70% Heating system: Front and rear heating Cleaning system: Automatic cleaning and nozzle protection by software Weight: GW 150 Kgs - NW 120 Kgs (Approx.) Size: 3.13m(L) x 0.93m(W) x 0.93m(H)
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