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Printing plotter 180 cm - Specialist in sublimation with high production pedestal rolls 700 mt

Printing plotter 180 cm - Specialist in sublimation with high production pedestal rolls 700 mt

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Model - Print head config
PRINTING PLOTTER 180 cm with high production pedestal 180 cm wide printing plotter with Epson i3200 head is a high-speed equipment for faster printing, it is ideal for sublimation processes, used for the world of stamping and personalization, mainly of sublimation. Specialized for printing textile industry especially sublimated fabric This equipment has a pedestal that allows loading large rolls of sublimation paper for high levels of production. Due to its speed, 100-meter rolls are finished very quickly, leaving the roll change process as a bottleneck in the speed of production. printing, with this pedestal we can load large rolls of 100, 200, 300 or 500 meters for long-term prints without stopping the equipment in the process CHARACTERISTICS: Model: 18E3/18E4/18E6/18E8 Number of heads: 3 to 8 Head model: i3200E Head life: 12 months for i3200 approx. Resolution: 1440 DPI Connection: Via RJ45, requires network port or adapter Colour: CMYK Printing width: 180 cm Speed ​​i3200 configuration 3 heads: 90 m2/hour in 2 passes - 70 m2/hour in 3 passes - 55 m2/hour in 4 passes, 40 m2/hour in 6 passes, 25 m2/hour in 8 passes - Speed ​​in i3200 configuration with 2 heads: 55 m2/hour in 2 steps - 45 m2/hour in 3 steps - 30 m2/hour in 4 steps, - 20 m2/hour in 6 steps Print resolution with I3200: 360x1200 dpi in 2 steps // 360x1800 dpi in 3 steps // 360x2400 DPI in 4 steps // 360x3200 dpi in 6 steps Ink Type: Sublimation Control system: Hoson printing system Printing media: PVC fabrics, Adhesives, Vinyls, PP, etc... Ripper Software: Flexiprint - PrinEXP Image format: TIFF - EPS - PDF Operating system: Windows 7 -Windows 10 64-bit English language Power: 110V/220V - 50HZ/60HZ - 10A Working temperature: 15~28°50%~70% Heating system: Front and rear heating Cleaning system: Automatic cleaning and protection of the nozzle by software High production pedestal of up to 1 ton of maximum weight supported Weight: GW 210 Kgs - NW 180 Kgs (Approx.) Size: 3.13m(L) x 0.93m(W) x 0.93m(H)


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