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Laser Cutting Plotter Machine 2 in 1 - Touch

Laser Cutting Plotter Machine 2 in 1 - Touch

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size and power
Laser cutting plotter, 2n1 equipment with blade and laser for cutting flexible non-metallic surfaces This equipment has control buttons and position laser for contour cutting. It can cut PVC, Reflective, Cardboard and cardboard among other flexible products You can select your working width and power in 50w or 80w It is a great piece of equipment designed to give you the possibility of cutting on all those occasions where the cutting knife alone cannot, providing the simplicity of a cutting plotter with the functionality of a cnc laser allowing cutting objects thicker than the cutting knife by itself cannot perform and being much cheaper than a cnc of this size *when using the co2 laser emits smoke, an automatic water cooler such as CW3000 is recommended as accessory equipment * The use of a dust collector is recommended to capture smoke and particulate matter. You can select its 5 variants. that change in useful width and laser power. 3031030002M-980 50w laser cutting plotter3031030003M-1380 50w laser cutting plotter3031030003aM-1380 80w laser cutting plotter3031030004M-1730 50w laser cutting plotter303103000 4a M-1730 80w Laser Cutting Plotter Specifications: 2 in 1 CO2 Laser Cutting Plotter Stand for automatic contour cutting and laser engravingProfessionally designed bracket-type metal frameMaximum cutting width available: 790mm/1190mm/1540mmDriving type: Vertical roller driving type stepper motorLaser mode: Hollowing, engraving, cutting, drawingSoftware: SignMasterSupport Material: Polyester film, kraft paper, cardboard, barley paper, release paper, non-woven fabric, Oxford cloth, leather, reflective film, sticky note, ABS board (≤0.5mm), PVC (0.8mm ), double sample (high intensity reflective film), special clothing vinyl, and some other types of soft non-metallic materials Knife: Internal rotary style (Roland© standard type blade) Scribing Pen: Water-based ballpoint pen refill standard Plot Mode: Same as a general cutting plotter Minimum Character: Chinese Character: 3mm; letter: 2mm; (varies by character font and medium) Data transmission: 8 data bits, 0 parity bits, 1 stop bit Water charge protection (laser) Cutting speed: Min. 10mm/S ~ Max. 800mm/S Cutting Pressure: Min. 10g ~ Max. 1000g (knife mode)Repeat accuracy: 0.0127mmLanguage format: Support DM/PLInterface type: Serial port/USB/U diskTotal power: 50W~200W (depending on operation mode)Baud rate: 38.4KRange Laser Current: 0-20mA Application Range: Clothing, Labels, Outdoor Signs, Light Boxes, Screen Printing, Car Decoration, etc. Standard Accessories List: Bracket, Roller, Feed Bearing, Nylon Pillar, Water Pump 75w, 45w air pump, blade (3 pieces), blade holder, pen holder, power adapter, USB cable, serial cable, exhaust port, rear cover handle, user manual, C software


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