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Ortur OLM2 Pro S2 Cnc laser from hobbies

Ortur OLM2 Pro S2 Cnc laser from hobbies


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Ortur OLM2 Pro S2 Cnc laser for hobbiesCNC Advanced hobby laser, with high performance you have 3 variants to choose from, 2 with 20w, one for engraving and one for cutting, after that an improved version with 40w (Lu2-10A) Below you will see all the details of the team Product description Ultimate Engraving Experience with Precision Improved Mechanical Structure 0.05x0.1mm Focal Point Brings Delicate Details to 0.01mm Ortur Laser Advanced Firmware 1.8, smarter, faster, higher precision and easier to use. Specialized motherboard with 32Bit MCU. It could preprocess 32 instructions, support baud rate as high as 921600, more powerful! Qualified for ESP32 MCUs, optimizes the motion algorithm, and increases the maximum speed of stepper motors from 4000mm/min to 15000mm/min 5 Safety Protections When the engraving machine is moving or tilting, it will automatically stop the laser to prevent damage to the laser target. When the engraving machine or computer crashes, the laser will stop working immediately to prevent continuous fire. The machine When the engraving machine is on, but there is no movement for a long time, the protection will be activated and the laser will be turned off automatically. Flame Detector + Buzzer Emergency Stop Button Perfectly Compatible with Software LightBurn (Paid) - Advanced and highly customizable LaserGRBL (Free) - Basic and easy to use Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux / Mac OS. Support JPG / PNG / BMP / DXF / NC, etc Product Details Emergency Stop Button + Flame Detector and Buzzer Alarm Laser Module Flexible Cable Chain Scale Mark Auxiliary Use Full Metal Body Structure Certification EC Engraving area 400*400mm Product Size 600*570*189mm Safety precautions 1. Active Position Protection, 2. Detection and Limitation of Exposure Duration 3. Laser Beam Security Guard. File format JPG/JPEG/ PNG/BMP/ SVG/ETC Product material Aluminum Profile + Sheet Metal laser power LU2-2 Luminous Power 1-1.6 W, electric power 7W. LU2-4 SF/LF Luminous power 5-5.5W, electric power 20W. Pixel Precision Adjustable (Default: 300 pixels per inch, about 0.8lum Pixel Accuracy) Control Software LaserGRBL (Free), could only support Windows OS. LightBurn (Not free), could support Windows, MAC and Linux. Rated Power 24V 2A 48W Court Sculpture Cardboard ✔ ✔ Wood ✔ ✔ Bamboo ✔ ✔ Leather ✔ ✔ Fabric ✔ ✔ Acrylic ✔ ✔ Acrylic Black ✔ ✔ Glass × ✔ stone material × ✔ Anodized aluminum) × ✔ Stainless steel × ✔ Eraser × ✔ Engraving Area 400*400mm Laser Type DIODE Engraving speed 0-10000~0-15000mm/min Supported Graphic Formats DXP Cooling mode air cooling Applicable Material Acrylic, Crystal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Plexiglas, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, Wood Condition New Birthplace Guangdong, China Laser Source Mark ORTUR Weight (KG) 4.6KG Key Selling Points High Security Level Warranty 1 year Operation mode continuous wave Setting on table Characteristic air cooled Application Laser engraving CNC or not? Yeah Brand Name ORTUR Dimensions (L*W*H) 660*250*110MM Laser Head Mark ORTUR Control System Brand LaserGRBL (free), LightBurn (paid software) Applicable Industries Hotels, Clothing Stores, Building Material Stores, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Stores, Food and Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Store, Printing Shop, Construction Site, Energy and Mining, Food and Beverage Stores, Other, Advertising Company Machinery Test Report provided Outgoing Video Inspection Not available Key Component Warranty 1 year Key Components Motherboard, Laser Module Packaging Details X Axis Assembly + Y Axis Assembly + Laser Module + Accessories, inserted in PE Foam, packed in a Carton Box. Port Shenzhen
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