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3d laser fiber marker

3d laser fiber marker

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Fiber Power
50W/60W/80W/100W 3D FIBER LASER MARKERMain Feature of 3D system3D adopts high speed and high precision 3D galvo, JPT/Raycus 50W/60w/80w/100w laser source, 3D specified software and control system, can engrave on any curved workpiece in a fine process. You can adjust the focus length at any time for deep engraving, which makes the process efficiency and effect much better than traditional 2D fiber laser marking machine. 3d laser head hardware Unique optical path design based on different lasers, with low optical loss and 20% higher efficiency. Fast response with Z-axis high-speed guidance, high stability with galvanometer. Software Optional 3D engraving software, easily achieve surface marking and 3D relief. Advantage of 3D laserSubvert the traditional 2D marking mode. Can engrave many different 3D shapes, for example: slope, cylinder, cone, ball, etc. Amazing large center angle mark Perfectly present target graphics on work pieces, avoid deformation such as elongation, slope. Border will not be "ignored" ". Everything is marked evenly. The details show ingenuity, regardless of observation from any angle, it is exquisite, perfect. Applicable industries It is widely used in the industries of jewelry, weapon engraving, mold making, mobile phone keys, translucent plastic keys , electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), household appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool parts, knives, watches, glasses, car accessories, luggage buckles, kitchen utensils, stainless steel products. Applicable materials: All metal type (with rare metals), silver, gold, brass, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, plating materials, spray materials, plastic and rubber, epoxy resin, ceramics and other plastic shell materials Hardware and accessories. Unit USB flash 1 piece Positioning bar 1 piece Metal business card 1 box (100 sheets) Software instruction manual 1 (electronic version) All-band laser goggles 1 Pair of Allen tools 1 set Technical parameters: technology index Laser parameters Optical maser : Fiber Lasers Laser Wavelength: 1064nm Average Output Power: 50W/60w/80w/100w Width: Depends on laser source Modulation Frequency Range: 50-100khz/1-600khz/1-4000khz Galvo Parameters Field Size : 100*100 15mm - 200*200mm 80mmDot diameters 1/e2: 0.025mmResolution: 0.001mmRepositioning accuracy: 0.003mmOptical output characteristicsMarking range: 100*100mm/200*200mmMinimum line width: 0.01mmMinimum line height Characters: 0.2mm Cooling System Cooling Way: Air Conditioning System Properties Laser Power Supply: 0.8KW/AC 220V/50Hz Environmental Requirements: 0~35°C, 90% or Humidity Package Package Weight: 110KG Package Size Dimensions: 71*81*88cm


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