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DTF Textile Ink Cleaner - 1 Liter

DTF Textile Ink Cleaner - 1 Liter

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DTF TEXTILE INK CLEANER - 1 LITERLiquid specially formulated for cleaning heads and other areas in printers that use sublimation inks, its function is to dissolve the inks without attacking other parts of the printer or cartridge. Only use for the maintenance of your printer and correct color printing. Due to its qualities, this solution is also ideal for dissolving and cleaning sublimation ink residues or stains. CHARACTERISTICS: Applications as a cleaner for nozzles or printer heads: To clean or descale dried inks or solid residues that form inside the head over time that prevent the color ranges from coming out correctly and the tones from being correct.Applications of Cartridge Cleaning Liquid: Recovery of cartridges: Dirty or clogged, it is indicated to dissolve solid residues accumulated for months in the inside a cartridge. Printer cleaner: As is normal, printers tend to stain with ink with use. With the help of some cotton swabs and some rags, ink remains are easily removed. 1-liter container


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