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Treatment and drying oven for A3 film

Treatment and drying oven for A3 film


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TREATMENT AND DRYING OVEN FOR A3 FILM Treatment and drying oven for A3 format film that in the first process applies polyamide uniformly to the entire printed surface, the joint process between the agitator and the electrostatic cleaner removes excess polyamide, said material it can be reused, optimizing production costs. The machine takes the already printed film from the plotter or A3 printer to apply the iron-on powder and then passes it to its baking system to cure it and finally rewinds the film with the print already cured and ready to be apply to any heat-based garment.The print has elastic properties, does not deform, is highly durable and resistant.Name: Treatment and drying ovenDust agitation mode: MotorDelivery mode: Automatic paper collectionMaximum width: 35cmSpeed: Adjusted automatically at the speed of the plotter or printer Temperature control: 0-150°C Working environment temperature: 10-30°C - Humidity 10 - 70% Weight: 50Kg Dimensions: 93cm (L) x 58cm (W) x 63cm (H) Power: 800W. Average energy consumption is 0.4 - 0.6° per hour Power supply: 220V / 50Hz - 60Hz IMPORTANT NOTICE: DTF ovens give off particulate matter or smoke, the amount of smoke varies depending on work levels and ambient temperature but there is always evaporation of liquids and output of particulate material when the ink and film come into contact with the hot zone of the oven. If the place or room where you will install this equipment does not accept particulate matter or you must add air purifiers to this product, the use of air purifiers is recommended. of air purifiers with all DTF equipment.
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