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P2 P4 P6 Power Supply for H1 Laser Tube - CO2 Laser

P2 P4 P6 Power Supply for H1 Laser Tube - CO2 Laser

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Power supply model
Power supply ● Safe: open circuit protection function. When the high-voltage end is open-circuited or not well-connected, the power supply will start automatic protection, preventing high-voltage arc effectively. High voltage discharge function, no static when power off.● Intelligence: built-in control, can communicate with RD controller, and can communicate with max 32 power supplies by cascading, then control panel can display operation● Compatibility: Contains active PFC circuit to achieve higher power factor and is compatible with different input voltages AC90-264V 50/60Hz. And it effectively resists the influence of large changes in grid voltage on the output current.● Simple: can be controlled by 0~5V analog signal or 5V PWM signal.● Stability: the newest current control It makes the laser output more stable and extends the life of the laser tube. Throughout the input voltage range, the maximum current is guaranteed to be constant.SpecificationModel: P2 - P4 - P6Input voltage: AC90-250VAC frequency: 47--63HzMaximum input power: P2: 600W - P4: 650W - P6: 900W Max input current (when there is 90 input): 5.5A - 6A - 8A Max output voltage: P2: 40KV - P4: 45KV - P6: 55KV - Max output current: P2: 28mA - P4: 32mA - P6 : 38mA Efficiency: ≥90% (full load) MTBF (mean time between failures): ≥10000小时 Response speed: ≤1mS (the time from when the signal is given until the output current reaches 90% of the current established) Withstand voltage: Input-output, input housing: AC1500V 10mA 60s; Working environment: Temperature (-10~40) ℃, relative humidity: ≤90% Cooling: Forced air cooling Laser tube power support: P2: 50-80W - P4: 80-120W - P6: 130-180WDimension L*W*H(mm): P2: 235*144*104 - P4: 278*144*104 - P6: 330*144*104Weight (KG) : P2: 2.15 kg - P4: 2.45 kg - P6: 3.2 kgColour: Silver gray


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