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Small size professional roll printer

Small size professional roll printer

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Size and diameter
Roll or calender stamper, Our smallest professional model with a drum diameter of 21cm will be able to deliver stamping speeds between 35 to 50 square meters per hour With automatic deflection, an air expansion axis, with pressurization: it is an excellent option to expand your factory capacity FEATURES: Auto shut off feature saves time and labor by waiting for machine to cool down to shut down to prevent blanket from burning. With large master to ensure blanket is away from drums of rollers, thus preventing high temperature from destroying the blanket. The unique function of automatically correcting the edge of the blanket and automatically correcting the belt enables more precise positioning With power-off protection function, the blanket and roller can be separated individually Chromium plating of the roller surface is resistant to wear. It is non-stick, which ensures excellent transfer Employed the air ducts to collect wishing paper and sublimation wishing paper. Machine with automatic power adjustment device to save electricity cost Product name Professional roll stamper or calender Drum diameter 21CM Equipment width 120CM 170CM 180CM Power 6KW 9KW 10KW Voltage 220 380/420/480 3 Three phase availableSublimation speed35-50M per hourTemperature range0-390℃Tempered glass table size1215x1180x10MM1715x1180x10MM1815X1180X10MMPacking dimension204X114X155CM248X108X165CM 258X114X155CM Gross Weight 850KG 1020KG 1200KG High Performance Dye Sublimation System With Heat+Press High Performance Dye Sublimation System With heat+pressDescription:This roller-type sublimation heat transfer printing equipment, the use of a layer of heat conductive oil surrounding the electric heating deviation of heating design and manufacturing principles, the surface temperature of the Balanced and stable cylinder blanket without mechanical structure, with three-phase frequency control devices, machine operation, easy maintenance, transfer to achieve the best and widely used in the digital printing industry at home and abroad .Trait:1. Wide Application: Applicable to both heat transfer printing and cold transfer printing on cotton.2. Good printing effects: Transfer printing effects are as good as those of flatbed hot stamping machines.3. High Hardware Configuration: The main wall board and all shaft rollers are reinforced and professionally manufactured.4. Pneumatic pressure, the pressure can be controlled flexibly.5. Reasonable structure: integrated manufacturing of feeding and output system, parallel and precise movement of paper and cloth, the machine takes up less space and saves labor. High-performance heat+press dye-sublimation system


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