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Flatbed printer 40x60 cm touch screen control - Slide Presale

Flatbed printer 40x60 cm touch screen control - Slide Presale

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FLAT STAMPING MACHINE 40x60 MODEL - TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL - SLIDING The 40x60 cm flat printer allows you to print on all kinds of textiles such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, reusable bags, fabrics, etc., as well as a wide variety of sublimable flat objects such as photographic rocks, sublimable crystals, key chains and metal plates, plaques sublimable MDF wood, medallions etc., this model brings control through a modern LCD touch screen located on the top of the machine and a removable slide function that makes the sublimation process much more comfortable and safe. In addition, it allows to have a complete vision of the product to be stamped to better square the stamping. CHARACTERISTICS: Model: 40x60cm Includes removable slide Control: LCD touch screen Flat unit size: 40x60 cm Power: 350w Voltage: 110v - 220v Temperature range: between 180º / 300º Weight: 37.2 kg Packing weight: 40 kg Type of packaging: Cardboard box with interior plumavit protections


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