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Stamper 8n1 Medium Lv - 8n1

Stamper 8n1 Medium Lv - 8n1

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8n1 Multipurpose PrinterMulti-function sublimation heat press machine model P8100, help you design your own style... P8100 heat press machine, you can easily print your designs on T-shirt, pillowcase, cap, shoe, etc. 1 * T-shirt heat rolling pin 29cm x 38cm1 * lid heat element 8x15cm2 * plate heat elements for 8" and 10"4 * cup heat elements 9oz, 11oz, 12oz, and for tomato FEATURES: 360 degree rotation: with a rail design Rotating and guiding, this heat press machine delivers a full-range press directly and evenly, ensuring the quality of finished transfers; the handle design on the top is non-slip and easy to operate during printing; strong base makes it more stable when using LCD screen: designed with a large LCD screen and silicone buttons, which are more accurate and easy to operate with counting function; it can be displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit and the alarm will sound when the time is up; when the countdown is over, the screen light will fade out if you don't operate the machine in 30 minutes; 3 modes are free to switch and can quickly make different products; you only need to press one time, easy for you to get started Double heating tube: double heating tubes design can heat a larger area and improve the transfer effect, as the temperature difference is only 10℃ from the center and the edge; Unlike other designs whose difference may be more than 50℃ Safer to use: When the working temperature reaches 150℃, the surface temperature of the machine is only 50-80℃, ensuring your safe use ; Unlike the surface temperatures of other products, which is 70-75°C and can burn your hands; when the temperature is too high or the voltage is unstable, the small black button on the side of the control box will pop up to protect your safe 8 in 1 Kit: The complete kit helps you easily apply transfers, letters, numbers and images on t-shirts, hats, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, puzzles, lettering and other misc. fabrics; It comes with a pair of industrial gloves, which are convenient for you to carry the printing material. The multi-purpose equipment is designed to be a market test, with them you can identify in your specific market what will be the most recurring need or product requested by your customers. customers without the need to incur in the purchase of each of the stamping equipment, after determining which is the greatest request from your customers, you will be able to decide based on data which is the individual stamper that you require and this multifunctional one to continue working on all those sporadic stampings which they ask of you, without losing market Item No.: P8100 Name: Heat Press Machine Stamping Size: 29*38cm Accessories: 5 in 1: main machine, 11oz mug warmer, cap warmer, 8"10" plate mold 6 in 1: Main Machine, 11oz Mug Warmer, Lid Warmer, 8" 10" Plate Mold, 9oz Mug Warmer8 in 1: Main Machine, 11oz Mug Warmer, Lid Warmer, 8" 10" plate mold, 9oz mug warmer, 12oz mug warmer, aluminum bottle warmer 10 in 1: main machine, 11oz mug warmer, lid warmer, 8" plate mold "10", 9 oz mug warmer, 12 oz mug warmer, aluminum bottle warmer, 6 oz mug warmer, pen warmer 11 in 1: main machine, 11 oz mug warmer, lid warmer , 8" 10" plate mold, 9oz mug warmer, 12oz mug warmer, aluminum bottle warmer, 6oz mug warmer, pen warmer, 17oz mug warmer Color:Red, black, blue, orangeVoltage:220V/110VPower:110V:800W, 220V:1000WPackage size:54*46*45cmWeight:22kgs/23kgs/25kgs/26kgs/27kgs


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