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Epson i3200 Original Printhead

Epson i3200 Original Printhead

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EPSON I 3200 printhead: A version for each ink The EPSON I 3200 E-1 printhead is designed for eco-solvent ink, while the EPSON I 3200 A-1 printhead is specifically for water-based ink. The EPSON I 3200 printhead model -U1 is designed specifically for UV curable ink. EPSON l 3200 printheads are already part of the range of printheads with PrecisionCore Micro TFP technology. PrecisionCore technology allows printing systems a considerable increase in speed and an improvement in print quality. This is possible because the PrecisionCore printheads are based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-systems) technology, which uses a piezo solenoid with a thickness of 1 micron (0.001 millimeters), which shoots the ink at a speed higher than the DX5 head system. NUMBER OF NOZZLES The EPSON I 3200 head owes its name to the fact that it has 3,200 nozzles distributed in 8 rows of 399 nozzles. DROP SIZE The EPSON I 3200 head is capable of producing drops as small as 2.3 pl.


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