Collection: Active Reserves

Active Reserve: It is a group of products that we are promoting to load in the port of origin soon. In this category, the products that are intended to be added to loads and already have interested parties are grouped, therefore we are looking for more interested parties to complete the load. If you want to participate, just select your product and add your purchase. Excess products that come without a defined buyer will go to the Presale category. and products without interested parties will simply not be charged. Additional notes If these products are selected and purchased, they will be shipped in the shipment that is being prepared If the product does not have a selection it will not be shipped, Active Reservations have short loading dates This is a collaborative economy system where you can load your products together with the our saving and improving your stock. We mainly use 4 freight zones in China, where we bundle similar products that can load nearby and come to the destination together. We also ship to other countries such as Taiwan, Korea and Bangladesh.

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