Collection: Products to Order

In this category the products do not have direct stock in Peru, but can be shipped and brought by TIMG for you. The idea of ​​this section is to show you the options of products that we can import for you, and with collaborative economy systems such as reservations and pre-sales, they can be loaded for you, obtaining great savings on your import Advantages1. Select the equipment you want, not equipment available in the market limited to what exists 2. You do not pay the extra cost of storage or speculation on this storage3. It has a safe import, with a regular and professional importer in the field of cargo movement 4. You join a collaborative economy, we are filling containers that divide the expenses among many people, which means that each one obtains excellent prices for importation Remember, we have 4 loading zones in china and we also load from Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh, if you have any product that you want to import and you can't find it on the list, don't forget to let us know